meet our new FCO!

Meet our new Fellowship Community Organizer, Kolby Harrell! Kolby will spend the fall working with our Fellows to strengthen and grow our community of Writing Fellows…and he already has some fantastic ideas for doing it, too. You’ll hear from him a lot in the coming months!

Kolby is an Indiana native, and studied Sports Communication at Indiana University—but those are things you can read on his resumé. What we love about Kolby are the things you find out when you get to know him. Here are some fun Kolby facts:

  1. Kolby likes a good spoken word event. We first met Kolby at TONGUE: Open Mouth & Music Show at the Bean, where he performed a set on his guitar. You might here more of his work soon—Kolby’s writing some poetry over in our summer critique groups.
  2. Kolby likes smiling. It’s a philosophy he has—smiling is contagious. You’ll walk away smiling after your first conversation with Kolby. Trust us.
  3. Kolby likes a good record. A fan of our local Vinyl Night, he promised us he’s going to be spinning there someday soon. He also loves record swapping, so hit him up for a summer trade.
  4. Kolby likes adventure. He likes hiking, kayaking, and  has Facebook photos of him in spelunking gear. Ask him about solo-hikes, the Appalachian trail, or camping!


We’re looking forward to introducing Kolby to y’all in person at our end-of-summer crit. group reading in August. (More details to come in July.) He is going to be a great resource and advocate for our Writing Fellows, and we are so excited to have him on board.

Welcome, Kolby!


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