Seersucker Live—The Read, Write, and New Episode


Our friends at Seersucker Live have a patriotastic episode lined up for you this Friday. Your hosts Zach Powers and Christopher Berinato will begin the shenanigans at 7:30 p.m. at The Pirates’ House. The episode will serve as a book release party for James Lough’s This Ain’t No Holiday Inn, and is sure to feature punny humor of the red, white, and blue variety.

Why should you go to this (or any) Seersucker event?

  1. Booze.
  2. Humor. There are puns. There are puns within puns. There are musical puns (by the very talented Brian Dean, and if you’ve never heard someone play the Imperial March or the theme from Jurassic Park on a dime, you’ve never really lived, have you?)
  3. Prizes. There are usually prizes. And games to win said prizes. And absurd rules that don’t always make sense to play said game to win said prizes, and don’t we all love playing games with rules that don’t always make sense to win prizes we didn’t know we wanted or needed? Always.
  4. Literature. They bring literature to Savannah. What other group brought Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) to Savannah for a reading? That’s right, no one. Because these guys are awesome, and persuasive with their writer-wrangling skills.
  5. Community. Met someone involved in Seersucker? Then you met someone involved in Deep. They are former, current, and future (everyone tell Erika Jo to be a Fellow already) Writing Fellows. They have run sound for us, taught workshops for us, and shown support of us since their inception. Let’s support them, and let them entertain us. They’re good at entertaining. Sometimes. Mostly. Mostly sometimes.

And if for no other reason, you’ll find that these folks love literature, humor, poking fun at themselves and others (mostly others), and they like reading literature to you while there is booze aplenty. (As they say, it’s Savannah after all.) And what’s more, this episode takes place inside Georgia’s oldest and building, and that’s literary in itself! The Pirates’ House is rumored to be the setting for Captain Flint’s death in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.


meet our new FCO!

Meet our new Fellowship Community Organizer, Kolby Harrell! Kolby will spend the fall working with our Fellows to strengthen and grow our community of Writing Fellows…and he already has some fantastic ideas for doing it, too. You’ll hear from him a lot in the coming months!

Kolby is an Indiana native, and studied Sports Communication at Indiana University—but those are things you can read on his resumé. What we love about Kolby are the things you find out when you get to know him. Here are some fun Kolby facts:

  1. Kolby likes a good spoken word event. We first met Kolby at TONGUE: Open Mouth & Music Show at the Bean, where he performed a set on his guitar. You might here more of his work soon—Kolby’s writing some poetry over in our summer critique groups.
  2. Kolby likes smiling. It’s a philosophy he has—smiling is contagious. You’ll walk away smiling after your first conversation with Kolby. Trust us.
  3. Kolby likes a good record. A fan of our local Vinyl Night, he promised us he’s going to be spinning there someday soon. He also loves record swapping, so hit him up for a summer trade.
  4. Kolby likes adventure. He likes hiking, kayaking, and  has Facebook photos of him in spelunking gear. Ask him about solo-hikes, the Appalachian trail, or camping!


We’re looking forward to introducing Kolby to y’all in person at our end-of-summer crit. group reading in August. (More details to come in July.) He is going to be a great resource and advocate for our Writing Fellows, and we are so excited to have him on board.

Welcome, Kolby!