Welcome New Writing Fellows!

Welcome to Deep! You are now a Writing Fellow in the Deep Young Author Project. We have some of the most fantastic writers and poets from our community working with our DeepKids, and we are thrilled that you’re one of them. We are truly excited to see your unique set of skills and talents used to help our DeepKids find their voices as young writers. We can’t wait to get you involved.

This blog will feature updates from our staff, including our Fellowship Community Organizer. You can also find links to plenty of useful information, including our curriculum resources, workshop information, and more.

Next Semester: Fall 2013
The fall semester gets started in late August. Keep an eye out for e-mails throughout the summer listing important dates for the fall semester and please mark them on your calendar. One of the most important is Deep Writing Fellow Training, which will take place the weekend of September 7-8, 2013. This training is mandatory for all new Writing Fellows. More information (and the online sign-up) will be released during the summer months.

Deep workshops begin Monday September 30, 2013, and last through December 20, 2013. Workshops meet once a week for eleven weeks, for one hour and fifteen minutes after school. You will be assigned your Deep schedule and location in the week following Deep Training, and you will be paired with another Deep Writing Fellow to co-teach your workshop of 12-14 DeepKids.

All Deep Writing Fellows must complete a background check with the Chatham County Board of Education. We will give you more information on this at training, but know you must complete a background check and a drug test (at no cost to you.) You will need a photo I.D. and proof of your SSN when you go in for your background check, so go ahead and have these items prepared.

Helpful Links:
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Writing Fellows Facebook Group
Deep’s Writing Fellows are a community of writers who help kids tell stories. But they’re also a community of writers who tell their own stories. All Writing Fellows (past & present) are welcome in this group.


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